2021-12-13 - 2022-01-07 Geometry Nodes Sub-Module Meetings


Developers or artists interested in contributing are welcome to join at the links below.

Week of 2022-01-03

  • Mesh Curvature node naming (Johnny)
    • The options are: Split it up into a separate “Edge Angle” node, or a combined “Mesh Curvature” node
    • The smaller node makes node trees less messy, since users are less likely to reuse the same input node (and it’s easier not to).
    • A split node makes it possible for a user to implement a node that looks exactly like the built-in nodes.
    • Smaller nodes makes versioning easier.
    • Disadvantage is possibly discoverability, since it’s easy to see all kinds of mesh curvature.
    • Put sockets together when they’re used together, rather than when they are theoretically related.
    • A main drawback of splitting a node is node type organization and organization of asset node groups in the add menu.
    • It’s relatively easy to combine nodes later if we end up changing our minds.
  • ⚓ T94598 Shortcuts on link dragging to quickly add nodes (Simon)
    • Immediate search on shift-A
      • Makes sense
  • Auto connection even when nodes have connected links
    • Holding alt could enable that
    • When dragging a node with no connections, alt can disable the auto-connection behavior.
  • Auto link swap when connecting to a socket that has a link already.
    • It was agreed this behavior is mostly problematic and arbitrary, but it can be useful in some situations. It should be rethought.
  • Scale/Rotate Elements node. (Jacques)
    • Different than the instances nodes because they don’t have an intrinsic rotation anyway.
    • Rotate/scale should be separate nodes because the order of operations matters.
  • Group input defaults (Jacques)
    • One existing problem is that when you add an input to a node group, all users of that node group in the current file will get the initial default value rather than the default value you set moments later.
    • The main questions are whether there should be some sort of default “unset” state for group node inputs, and then how much that default state should be used.
      • The default state could be used for every socket when creating a group node. However, that means every change to the node group input default values will change the group node’s output.
      • The default state could only be used for new input sockets that were added after the group node was created. However, only using the default state for some sockets might seem arbitrary.
    • There’s also the question of what the default state would look like, which wasn’t discussed today.
    • Less controversial changes:
      • Make “Reset to Default Value” operator work on sockets.
      • Some operator to update an input value in all group nodes (after changing the default value).
  • ⚙ D13709 Geometry Nodes: Extrude Mesh Node
    • Use normal as default offset-- extruding along normals is usually what people want, and makes the node more friendly.
    • Add a strength float input that is multiplied to the offset. (default=1) There was discussion about whether the offset should just be a direction, to be combined with a separate “length” socket like the curve line node. However, that makes it more difficult to pass in the absolute offset.
    • Extrude node attribute interpolation.
      • New edges in vertex mode should have averaged values from the edges corrected to the original vertex
      • Connecting edges in edge mode should have averaged values from the connected extruded edges
      • In edge mode, new faces should have an orientation based on connected faces if there was only one connected face. Otherwise it should just be deterministic
      • Connecting edges in non-individual face mode should average values from connected extruded edges (not edges on top of the extruded surface though)
      • New face corners in non-individual face mode should have values from the
  • The number of bugs is creeping up towards 45 again.
    • Move the bugs column further to the left of the workboard to make it more visible.

Week of 2021-12-27

Week of 2021-12-20

  • No consistent meetings

Week of 2021-12-13

  • T94039: Support warnings for field input nodes
    • The warnings need to be on the nodes evaluating the fields rather than the field nodes themselves, because a field node can be used in a valid context and an invalid context at the same time.