2021-06-18 Geometry Nodes Sub-Module Meeting



  • Planning for the week
  • Attribute processor discussion

Meeting Notes

  • Attribute processor
    • Compact Node
      • Each property to have a name, value, type, visibility, enability.
    • Datablock-less
      • Big technical challenge.
      • Jacques proposes to have a usability experience matching a datablock-less but by using a group.
      • Option can be to have the outside value linked to the internal value until it is changed.
    • When to use the attribute processor?
      • Erindale would expect the processor to work with loops as well.
  • Sprint Planning
  • Improve integration of generic attributes.
    • Gathering some initial feedback:
      • Hans: Prefers option B (drop task specific attributes), though the option is likely harder in the short term
      • Dalai: Has the idea to drop some of the task-specific attributes (e.g. vertex colors can become generic and uvs stay task-specific).
  • D11073: Edge-scrolling for node editor
    • Jacques and Hans will do final review
    • Other than that, looks good to go given the changes to the patch from the last demo.
  • Compact nodes
    • Eye icon might not work well.
    • Maybe phrase it more as expose/unexpose instead of hiding/unhiding.
  • Curve Subdivide
    • Rename Subdivide to Mesh Subdivide.
    • They have different parameters (cuts/subdivisions), one supports attributes.
  • Validate design tasks:
  • 8 week cycle retrospective

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