2020-08-31 - UI Team

2020-08-31 - UI Team

Present: Brecht Van Lommel, David Drayton, Hans Goudey, Julian Eisel, Pablo Vazquez

2.91 Release Targets

  • Proposed main targets:
    • Properties search
    • Outliner GSoC
    • Data-block selector design changes
  • See 2.91 column on the UI workboard for specifics and smaller targets.
  • Other GSoC projects may also start merging work in, status wasn’t clear though.

Properties search

  • Try the highlighting approach first.
  • Two possible design priorities: Help jumping to settings faster, or help learning/exploring where things are located.
  • By collapsing panels with no match, the highlight design may address both priorities sufficiently.
  • Some questions about the GUI design remain. May need testing.

Outliner GSoC

  • Code is in review.
  • A number of open design questions left. Needs UI team involvement.

Data-block selector design changes

  • Basic design: Add new menu for data-block operations.
  • Library status icons (linked, indirectly linked, broken link, overridden) on the left. Move fake user toggle and user count into the menu.
  • New/duplicate and unlink should be available without opening the menu (superimposed icons).
  • Nice-to-have: Tooltip for superimposed buttons.
  • Deleting and unlinking should be differentiated more clearly (trashcan icon for deleting?).

Ongoing Projects

Asset Manager

  • We now work with David Drayton, UX specialist and 3D Artist, on the Asset Manager Project.
  • The basics for the minimum viable product are mostly agreed on (see the dedicated meeting notes).
  • Julian has a first working prototype of the Asset Browser implemented (asset-browser branch).
  • Will be evaluated and a little demo video will be published.


  • Jacques Lucke is in Amsterdam for two weeks to work on the design.
  • No further discussion in the meeting.

Other Topics

  • The team wants to work with David Drayton to professionalize its process.
  • Besides continuing the Human Interface Guidelines project, this involves practices like regular stakehoder interviews, usability testing, user story mapping, persona based design, etc.
  • Accessibility:
    • Julian suggested looking for a volunteer to help do a better job with accessibility.
    • Such a person could: Maintain a high contrast theme, help us test accessibility, check incoming patches for accessibility problems, help dealing with reported accessibility issues (which are closed as “not a bug”), …
    • It’s a big topic, we can’t currently afford making this a high priority. But we can pay more attention to it.

Huge props on identifying Accessibility for development. The more inclusive blender is the better.

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Awesome to know that David Drayton will be on board working with the team! :smiley: