2020-02-02 - Tuesday Talks - Module Meetings

Tuesday Talks

Notes for module meetings of Tuesday, 2 February 2021.
Present: Dalai Felinto (all)

User Interface

Participant: Julian Eisel.

Sculpt, Paint, Texture

Participant: Pablo Dobarro.

  • Any updates from Campbell on the sculpt annotation crash?
    • No updates other than poking Campbell in the tracker.
  • Still no updates on the dyntopo work by Joe Eagar.
  • Draw manager patch/branch for EEVEE + sculpting is waiting the multi-res discussion.
  • Pablo Dobarro to get Julien Kaspar’s buy in for texture based sculpting
    • He will show him a working prototype.
    • Dalai will check it out as well.

VFX & Video

Participants: Richard Antalík, Sergey Sharybin.

  • Motion tracking:
    • Small fixes and improvements.
    • Sebastian Koenig, Aaron Carlisle are working on UI updates, new tools-based workflows - D10198.
    • Camera intrinsics design awaits review - T82645.
  • Compositor
    • Relative space patch awaits final accept - D8952.
    • Fix for mask node in compositor needs design review, sounds related to D8952, but need to dig deeper - D10126.
  • Module
    • Workboard needs to be organized.
    • There are more patches and designs to review.
    • More developers can be more involved as module members (e.g., Monique).
  • VSE
    • Sergey needs to catch up with bigger patches, and the state of the VSE 2.0 project.
    • Project is yet to reach the territory of massive perceived value for the users.

Grease Pencil

Participants: Antonio Vazquez, Falk David.

  • Antonio is finalizing the patch to libharu
    • The work is already in the temp-gpencil-io branch.
    • The only missing bit are IFDEFs to build blender without libharu.
  • Filling grease pencil for disconnected strokes.
  • Curve editing in grease pencil has no manual (!)
    • Falk David is working with Aaron Carlisle for 2.92 already.
  • Draw mode will support multi-frame
  • Bezier Curve native stroke:
    • Only Edit mode will exist and will allow edit curves and/or strokes.
    • Operators to convert Stroke to Curve and Curve to Stroke.
    • Brush advanced setting to create automatically curve data using any tool.
  • Add visual feedback in Dopesheet
    • Need talk with Hans Goudey.
    • Matias Mendiola will prepare a mockup to show the idea.
    • Antonio will also reach to Sybren to keep the animation module in the loop.


The rendering topics are handled in a separate meeting that includes the Cycles and EEVEE modules.

No Meetings

Other meetings were skipped this week:

  • Modeling
  • Animation & Rigging
  • Nodes & Physics
  • Data, Assets & I/O