2.93/master rendering custom mesh attributes

Should rendering custom mesh attributes in Cycles still work in current master? The examples in https://developer.blender.org/D10210#262444 render in black in material preview for me (and same for my own test with a custom attribute).

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Material Preview is not Cycles but Eevee, where attribute rendering is not supported yet.

Ah, sorry, the rendering is so quick in those clips I didn’t notice the sample indicator (and forgot the patch was for Cycles only). But I had also tried in Cycles Rendered view, which also results in a black surface.

It works here, maybe check again.

Indeed, I seemed to have made some mistake somwhere, thanks

Suppose I wanted to color the point instances generated by the geonode graph based on the custom attribute set on each point. Looking at node_geo_point_instance.cc the only way to do that would be to use the id field set on each instance and use that in the shader to somehow link up with the values set in the geonode graph. Before I look further into this, is this even possible?

There’s no support for that in geometry nodes and Blender currently, instances don’t have attributes. They only have different transforms and a unique ID to generate random numbers.

Cycles has internal support for such attributes per instance, but it’s waiting on Blender to expose them.