2.93 LTS not available on Microsoft Store

Blender 2.93 LTS is not available on Microsoft Store. I had asked Pablo Vasquez once on Blender Today live, and he said that after the launch of Blender 3, the 2.93 LTS should be available on the Store. But this link: Blender 2.93 LTS — blender.org
Redirects me to microsoft store’s Blender 3 version. I searched and saw that 2.83 LTS is there but 93 is missing. Please upload this as soon as possible!

Thx noting!
2.93 LTS is now a separate app and should be up here already:

That link on blender.org should be changed, yes.

Searching for “blender 2” apparently makes it come up in the search [whereas 2.83 LTS already comes up when typing “blender” – not sure why that is tbh…]

Should be fixed now on the download page Blender 2.93 LTS — blender.org

Also check the link on Steam as 2.93 LTS is also not available there. I don’t know about Snap on Linux though.

Steam has all versions in a single app you can select the version you desire in this dropdown

This however unfortunately does not allow side by side installs

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Blender 3 version has not been updated in Microsoft Store! Please update it to 3.1.