Blender 3.0 not updated in Microsoft Store

Blender version has not been updated to 3.1 in Microsoft Store! Please update it as soon as possible.

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What are you talking about the microsoft store was updated on realease day to 3.1

What kind of store and how are you searching for it

Well yesterday (10 March) I checked my app was still showing 3.0.1. Then I checked the updates section of Microsoft Store, Blender was not in the update list. I refreshed the app a lot of times but Blender update didn’t come.
I need to check today again.

Blender 3.1 has been submitted to the Microsoft store on release day (9th March), but it can take a bit until it’s available.

Thanks a lot! I just got the update :slight_smile: . I didn’t know that Microsoft Store takes some time to deploy updates worldwide.

But why didn’t Blender 3.1 ask for the one time default settings configuration in this update? It directly showed the splash screen, for which I lost the UI customisation which I did a lot of work on!!

you can just copy them over from AppData/BlenderFoundation/ . There is a directory for each blender version with all the customised files

Can you please say where exactly is this AppData directory?

See Configuring Directories — Blender Manual

The default path is

%USERPROFILE%\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\3.0\

You can just type in


in the windows task bar search to open Windows Explorer with it.

Thanks, but probably since I updated from Microsoft Store, only blender 3.1 version is there. There is no 3.0 folder in Blender Foundation directory. I will have to make my UI from the beginning again….

Blender updated for me just fine from the Store, on several computers. It did take a day before it became available.

Shows “3.0” in “What’s new in this version”, nowhere on that page I can find “3.1”

When I click the “Get” button I see pretty much the same info within the native Windows Store app, mentions “3.0”, no “3.1” again.

When I proceed to install, 3.1 gets installed. But normally, hadn’t I seen your claims that the app is updated in the MS Store, I wouldn’t have proceeded, instead thinking “ doesn’t care about the store.”