2.93.1 changelog?


I remember asking this already several times but I always forget the answer. Where are the changelogs for .X releases of Blender?

For example, where do I find what changed from 2.93.0 to 2.93.1?


blender.org β†’ Download β†’ Long-term Support β†’ Read More for 2.93

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Thanks. That’s quite a maze to get to a changelog. Where would I find changelogs for non-LTS releases?


blender.org β†’ Download β†’ Release Notes

Yes, really. For example, where do I find a list of bugfixes that happened between 2.91.0 and 2.91.2?

Where do I find what changed between these two versions?:

I do not mean features, I know where to find those. I mean list of bugfixes for bugfix releases for non LTS versions.

My point is, they finally added changelogs at least for LTS releases, but for example 3.0 will be again non LTS release, so when they bump it to 3.0.1, where will I find the bugfix changelog?