2.92 AOVs Not rendering

Hi, I’ve recently updated to 2.92 to access the new cryptomatte features however since updating I’m now unable to render out my AOVs. Is this a bug in 2.92? If it’s not something I’m doing is there a solution?


I’ve managed to solve my issue. Prior to 2.92 you didn’t need to have a material output node in the scene but it looks like in 2.92 you do. It looks like without having that in there there is no alpha in the render causing AOVs to not show up.

Huh. I can confirm that an AOV pass would render out without a material output node attached to a shader in the same material in 2.91.2, but not in 2.92 or 2.93 master.

Please file a bug report if you would like it looked into.