2.90 Modifier stack usability concerns

Wow. Big changes UX/UI wise for modifiers.

I think you guys are oversimplifying too much.
I understand the UI concern about not putting too many controls on a list row, but you are affecting the UX significantly.

For instance:

  1. To reorder the list now, you need to press mouse down, drag up or down, and hope you let go in the correct position. As someone who uses modifiers A LOT (see my NITROX3D course for instance), this is not typical of most reordering tasks. Typically you want to precisely move a modifier up or down a row to see the effect it will have. I understand you may want to move a Bevel or Weighted modifier to the bottom, but this isn’t IMO a standard use case. And, fwiw, Ctrl+R is your friend for this.
  2. Now to delete a modifier requires multiple mouse actions as well. Again, not a good understanding of how users work.

It’s clear you want to create a less visually noisy row at the expense of usability. My suggestion is consider allowing more controls promoted to the row level as the width of the panel increases.

It’s also most important to understand clearly the prioritization of controls before removing them from users views. FWIW, changing the modifier interface continually (as you’ve been doing since 2.81) also creates usability issues-- not to mention huge documentation and tutorial issues.

Please do not change things just because you can.


I find drag and drop more intuitive than those ridiculous arrows. But at the same time I do agree that hiding frequently used operations like apply or delete under popover requiring one more click is a UX failure.

Anyway, I personally would like to see modifier nodes finally happend so that the whole ancient, linear, 90’s modifier stack concept could finally die and we could have proper, procedural, 21st century node based workflow for modifying geometry.

There is already a thread about feedback on 2.90 modifier stack.

What do you think about proposed alternatives, there ?

Thanks for the link! Ithought I searched and didn’t find anything-- but I must’ve missed it. Much appreciated :slight_smile: