[2.9][critique] New F3 search hotkeys/menu paths are disrupting reading flow

Since function names (white text) are primary results you’re looking for, they should be first shown and aligned to the left edge of search popup for a neat vertical aligning. Menus and hotkeys should be placed after it, on right - they’re just a secondary info. I’d also argue for option to hide pathing through menus, I don’t feel it’s useful for anyone using search and hotkeys. Maybe new users would see it helpful, but I’d definitely suggest at least adding an option to toggle it to reduce info and visual clutter in searcher.

Basically I’d prefer that red line representing reading flow in below screenshot to be straight vertical line (with icons not affecting vertical lining up, so some fixed left margin could be added for icons alone).


I’ve found a good example of layout structure while browsing developer.blender.org - there’s pic:

Source: https://developer.blender.org/T78012

Icons and main text (white) info are lined up nicely, while secondary text (gray) can use fully the remaining space


Can I add a vote for this. I use operator search as my main method of navigating blender’s operators and using the operator search is now much harder with the newly added cruft on the left that shows what menu something is in. At least move the cruft to the right so the useful information is on the same level or give us the option to switch this stuff off. Alternatively have this information available as a tooltip. I realise you want to make stuff easier to navigate via mouse for beginners, but please don’t break other forms of navigation in the process.

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