2.81 viewport performance issue ( solved, caused by AStats addon)

It’s well known fact that editing high poly is not the best Blender side. I don’t even expect to see some improvements on this line.

But how disappointed I was when I saw 1 fps ( or even less ) in Object Mode when scene objects selected. In same time 2.79 version in same scene and with same objects selected have no performance issues at all, stable 60 fps …

My home system specs

Here utilization graphs ( screenshots to not include OBS system usage )

2.79 just in viewport camera rotating

2.79 viewport camera rotating with scene objects selected

2.81 just in viewport camera rotating

2.81 viewport camera rotating with scene objects selected

What’s on screenshots? Flat/stable utilization by 2.79 with stable 60 frames in both scenarios just in viewport/with scene objects selected. Unstable ( better? ) GPU utilization in just viewport scenario and tremendously low ( around 0% ) system utilization with 1 fps when scene objects selected.

As you can see on recorded video - even not all of objects selected cause viewport FPS become unusable.

Anyone have any info about this performance issues? Any planed improvement works, bug fixes, anything else? Any clues why system resources utilization is so low? Do I missed something? Do I have to enable or disable some settings and everything will start working well?

Updating video drivers to latest 441.66 - nothing changed.
Disabling any viewport anti-aliasing/multisampling - no difference.
In viewport disabled all the x-ray etc. things which can cause performance drop - no difference.
No other editors ( like UV editor or others ) opened, only 3d window - no difference.

Overall strange feeling like selected in Object Mode scene objects drop performance equal as if I enter to multi Edit Mode for same objects together… Really. What is going on?

Post like a bug or comment to @Hypersomniac and rest of viewport devs

Ahh… Nevermind. I removed my documents 2.81 folder and all start work well.
Then I backup folder and remove just addons - all work well.
Then I start turning OFF addons and on AStats: Statistics for Blender ( which I found in List of addons that work with 2.8 ) all start working well. Extremely well :slight_smile: even inside Edit Mode with all objects together!!!

Sorry for wrong alarm. I added this addon one of first when setup 2.81 for switching from 2.79. People in comments wrote that it’s good… I don’t expected that stats addon can cause such tremendous performance drop. So, now we know that this one addon is not good at all…