2.81 Sculpt Mode - "Rotate Brush" should be named "Warp Brush"

The result is literally warping mesh and
There is also a gizmo tool called “Rotate” which shares the same name


I agree that the naming is somehow conflicting with the rotate gizmo, but it’s not warping. Infact it’s really rotating.
But its a brush not a gizmo as you said. Some renaming should take that into account instead.

Sometimes it seams comparable to warping, because as a brush its tweakable with options like symmetry, brush size, falloff radius, etc.
It spans a sphere with the brush radius and anything inside is moved according to the falloff.
So a big constant brush without symmetry is a clean rotator.
Everything more warplike comes from symmetry and a nonconstant falloff.

Rotate seems fine to me. A brush is different from a tool, so there’s no confusion imo.

In zbrush it’s called Spiral, BUT only because the center action point of the brush moves when you move the cursor…


unlike the rotate in blender where the center action point of the brush always stays where you started


So, rotate is fine. :slight_smile: