2.80 - Switching between Vertex/Edge/Face selection is laggy in Edit Mode

When i open my 2.79 files in 2.80 and go in to Edit mode, even with a relatively low poly model (25K triangles for example) when i select either the Vertex, Edge or Face options (pictured below) there’s a obvious lag/delay. Around a second. it’s been there for months now and is still happening for me (on Win 10, latest 2.80 Beta). It’s as if the poly/scene complexity can now be much lower before you start to see slow downs/lagging like this in Edit mode. Because in 2.79 when doing the same thing with the same files it’s instant with no noticeable lag. I’ve not made anything in 2.80 yet so i’m not sure if it’s just a issue with my 2.79 files.

Probably just a optimisation thing, it’s a Beta after all, but i’m just posting this incase the devs aren’t aware.