2.80 Eevee Bake and Bake to Vertex Color

To my knowledge, with Blender Render’s removal, Eevee is supposed to do everything that it does, and more.
I assumed it was going to be added at some point or it already was but currently, neither is the case.

So, my question is:
When is Eevee going to get baking?
Particularly for Bake to Vertex Colors.
Cycles has been missing this for years but it’s a particular feature that Blender Render offered.

With Blender Render removed, I am aware of no method whatsoever to bake to vertex colors; only manual painting and transfer between meshes.

It will come back at some point, but there is no specific date for it currently.


So is there any progress (or perceptual progress) on it at all,
or is it more like a “to-do” item that would be great to come out by 2.80 but a realistic expectation would be after?

Basically, I asking which one I should prioritize: 1) plan to not have it, or 2) hope to get it.

This might be more likely for 2.81 or so, I can’t really promise specific versions or dates for this kind of feature. There’s no progress on it until a developer starts the work.

Guess I’ll have to phase out Vertex Colors from my tasks ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
To be clear, that’s the main thing I was talking about; Eevee having bake anything just includes that.
I assume there’s 0 intentions to add Vertex Bake to Cycles.

The thing “I” use them for is to have a lightweight approximation of textures from materials (like proxy meshes), so I can view the model’s colors significantly faster.

Vertex color baking is likely to be added to Cycles before Eevee gets baking support. If Eevee gets baking support, it will likely share this code.

Oh, you were talking about Cycles this whole time?

I thought you meant baking in Eevee…wait, your words suggest you were :thinking:

So, Cycles: Bake, the panel is available, same as 2.7, so I assume it works. Eevee has no Bake panel. For all the options in Cycles, there is no option to bake to Vertex Colors.

Cycles Bake: :ballot_box_with_check:
Cycles Bake Vertex: :x:
Eevee Bake: :x:
Eevee Bake Vertex: :x:

My root question is asking for Eevee Bake Vertex with the implication that Eevee Bake comes with it.

To my knowledge, Vertex Bake was never a part of Cycles; are you referring to Bake in Eevee, or is the idea to “add” to Cycles (and slide into Eevee if it ever got baking)

There is a generic baking system in Blender. Currently this is only used by Cycles, but if Eevee starts supporting it, it will get the same features like vertex color baking when that it is added.

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Hi, I hope this is still going to become a feature. Definitely in need of this, as well as vertex colour channel layering with blending modes (for a final flattened result) and better vertex colour editing tools.


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Yeah dealing with plants, I need this…otherwise I have to open Maya to do the work. No one wants that. Please get to this when yall can!


Wanted to stress the importance of Eevee baking. Not all indie teams have the hardware and/or time to render and bake with cycles. Eevee for life!

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Any news on even Cycles baking to vertex colours? Thanks!

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I’m also curious about news regarding this, if it includes baking a texture to vertex colors as I haven’t managed to find even a 3rd party working solution for that in 2.8 yet.

I’ve needed to bake ambient occlusion to vertex colors, so I’ve made an addon to do this: https://github.com/ForestKatsch/VertexOven

It only bakes ambient occlusion, not arbitrary material node trees, and it’s rather limited at the moment compared to Cycles baking.

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I absolutely need vertex bake feature too. It’s very important for save time and memory on smartphones.