2.8 Wireframes selection difficult

I am getting inconsistent selection mode, that behaves more like solid selection than wireframe selection in 2.8.

For example, if i have 3 cubes overlapping, in wireframe mode, i expect to select the correct cube by clicking on one of its wires. Currently, this is not the case, as demonstrated in the example below.

In 2.7, it used to be that any time we click on a wire, the correct object was always selected.


I totally agree, I have harder time selecting things in 2.8, especially when the object centers are getting closer to eachother

I’ve had similar problems too :frowning:

I’ve had this same problem as well, I were actually just about to submit a bug report for it before I saw this. This used to work flawlessly in 2.79.

Yeah, I guess I will report this again, the last time I reported this problem, it was tagged as a feature.

I wouldn’t call it a feature…hopefully they fix it

Yes, I was finding it near impossible to select a curve in wireframe mode because it was JUST under the surface of a mesh. It kept selecting the mesh, even though there were no visible edges of it in that location.

Yes it would be great to hear from a dev if this is indeed a “feature” or a bug and when, if it will get fixed