2,8 touch gestures

Hi, I use blender on my wacom mobile studio pro and my friend uses a surface pro but its hardly usable without a keyboard for either of us so I was thinking since the buttons seems to have been scaled up in 2,8 and Ton spoke about tablets being part of the future will we be getting touch gestures?

Blender on mac has it for the touchpad so why not add the same thing for touch screens? I’m no programmer but shouldn’t it be possible to reuse that code?


I made a proposal about this a few months ago…

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There are some workflows in which it is interesting to work with touchscreen support: visualization, sculpting, retopology, 2d illustration and more. All Autodesk products support touchscreen gestures for many years. With this gif I show how you can interact in Maya.

The gestures only modify the view, they do not interact with the objects, only the mouse or pen do it.

Proposed interaction:

  • 1 finger swipe -> orbit
  • 2 finger swipe -> pan
  • 2 finger pinch -> zoom

palm rejection to avoid unwanted movements


  • 1 finger grab the object if you tap on this

This type of proposed interaction is used by many 2d and 3d apps so it is quite standard.

You can try this type of interaction with any touch device you have, even your phone using chrome in this web application. The only difference is that this webapp uses inverted vertical panning, I prefer the standard. https://stephaneginier.com/sculptgl/

and Blender:

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pointing_device_gesture Here I leave a video of the 2012 of wacom: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rWO3YtppM4U


Spacebar in toolbar

There is a lot of controversy around the spacebar but if the answer´ll bee an icon in the toolbar?



Salvador Garcia(1405)


It seems an interesting idea for 2 reasons:

  1. It gives visibility to the “operator search”
  2. It can be useful for devices with touch screens, but it should be noted that usually the touch keyboard appears in the lower sector. So the search should be up. In addition, developers should call the “touch keyboard” of each OS or develop their own touch keyboard. In this case in windows (tablet mode) when you click on a text input in any app the touch keyboard appears, but in Blender it does not. You can also start the touch keyboard manually, as seen.

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Currently you need tap 2 times to select in the tool bar, the first tap shows the tooltip in the second one you select. In the viewport the interaction should be like the one I show above. The pen works, but for now it does not identify neither pressure nor button.

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Definitely hoping that this gets looked into. As a new win touch laptop user, I miss the smooth trackpad functionality on mac.

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@billrey Have you reached a conclusion on how the interaction could be, or would the proposal here be ready to implement?
Thank you for the work you do.

3 finger tap => undo

Today there are a lot of touch devices that run Blender but no support is provided.

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Any news for gesture touch? i’m trying blender with surface pro but…


It really doesn’t even need to be that robust, just basic navigation would help a ton.

Very much agreed with all who wrote before: Any touch navigation would be great. And since it is obviously possible on Mac touchpads, so should it be on Windows as well as touchscreens, right?

There is an open patch (which was even just updated) here: ⚙ D7660 GHOST: Add support for precision touchpad gestures on Windows 10

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