2.8 selection workflow issues and improvements

the select tool (the one that acts like right/left click select) doesn’t work with right click select.

you might find it strange to allow both mouse buttons to do the same thing (it is a waste of a mouse button for sure) but it’s very unpleasant to have it set as the active tool and have the program not actually use the select tool but do something else instead.
if i wanted to move the 3d cursor i’d select the 3d cursor tool not the select tool.
it feels broken that it does that rather than useful. especially since you have to specifically select this select tool, none of the other select tools do this, and the 3d cursor tool is the next button on the toolbar.

and dang it, if i want to select with both left and right mouse buttons i should be able to!


you can’t change objects in sculpt mode anymore.
you have to change modes select something else and go back to sculpt mode now.

this is a use case where people would likely find they prefer right click select over left click select and it’s broken now.

in 2.79 and before you could change object selection while in sculpt mode.
2.79 had the drawback that it’d kick you out of sculpt mode to whatever the other object’s mode was.

2.80+ would benefit greatly from being able to simply change objects and stay in sculpt mode because sometimes it’s easier, more efficient, or simply less destructive of a workflow to sculpt things in multiple pieces.

the same functionality could be easily added for left click select users by adding a select tool to the sculpt toolbar and/or sculpt mode’s default right mouse button usage could simply be set to selection since it isn’t actually being used for anything in sculpt mode.

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in 2.8 you can’t change objects when you’ve got an armature set to pose mode right now.
the only way i could even figure out how to select something else after having turned a simple rig to pose mode was using the outliner and that didn’t really help me start weight painting because it kept me locked down with the armature as the active object.

in weight painting mode i can’t change objects anymore like i did in 2.79 and before.
i also can’t seem to select which bone i want the painting to be weighted to.
again, when weight painting 2.79 had the drawback of having to set every objects mode individually rather than being able to easily flow from one object to the next while you were weight painting.

2.80+ would benefit from being able to change objects and stay in weight paint mode.
again, same sort of reasoning as sculpt mode for multiple objects.
sometimes it’s easier to paint things one object at a time,
sometimes you want things to be in multiple pieces because they’re easier to create that way,
sometimes they’re easier to deal with that way,
and sometimes it’s less destructive of a workflow.

this is another case where people would likely find they prefer right click select over left click select and it’s broken.

again the same functionality can be added for left click users by adding a select tool on the weight paint toolbar and again it seems to be a case where right click isn’t used for anything so setting weight paint’s default right button to select may work very well here even for left click select users.

in 2.8 you can’t change objects when you’re texture painting like you could in 2.79
same issue in 2.79 with this as with others. you had to set the objects mode individually which kept you from flowing seamlessly from one object to the next.

this is another case where people may find right click select very useful and it’s broken.
thankfully it’s not quite as bad as weight painting seems to be.
face selection masking for painting does work though it could be a little difficult for new left click select users to find.
they could easily think it doesn’t work or that they have to swap into edit mode to select the faces they want. right click select is a little more obvious and doesn’t require the use of a modifier key to select faces for face masking.

2.80+ would benefit from being able to change objects and stay in texture paint mode.
you already know why you might make something in multiple objects from previous posts.
those same things may be UV mapped together to use a single texture or set of texture maps.
being able to go from one to the next would enable a smooth texture painting workflow.

it could be easier to paint one object at a time for some things where there are tight gaps and overlaps between objects but texture painting mode could also benefit from a multi object editing type approach at times as well.

so being able to easily and quickly swap objects in texture paint mode would be useful here too and again for left click select users the same functionality could easily be enabled by adding a select tool to the texture paint toolbar

this selection tool may also be useful in the image editor for selecting a UV mask that you’d like to stay inside similar to the face selection masking option in the 3d view.

this is also another case where there right click has no use in left click select mode so it may be a good option to make selection it’s default use in paint mode.

vertex paint mode.
same deal. can’t swap objects. it’d be nice to stay in vertex paint mode when swapping objects.
very similar to texture paint mode.

something i forgot to mention in my texture paint mode comment that also affects vertex paint mode is that it might be nice if face selection masking was just a mode based setting rather than an object based setting.

again, right click select works very well here. so that’s 4 of the 6 3d view modes and paint mode in the uv editor that actually do really well with right click select because their main use case has you doing more of the actual work with the left mouse button while selection is actually more of a secondary action that could easily be wanted frequently. for most of these there also isn’t something you could add into a popup menu that’d be more useful than right click select.

the benefits of right click select here can also be easily copied over for users with left click select as their default by setting the unused right mouse button to select in vertex paint mode and/or adding a select tool to the toolbar for it which wouldn’t be quite as seamless of an experience for any of these things but would still work.

You can disable Edit > Lock Object Modes to go to other objects while in sculpt/paint modes.

Multi-object sculpt/paint is also planned to be added at some point, similar to the edit modes.

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Arguably the Select tool should not exist at all for right click select, the main reason it was added is so left click select users can get 2.7x interaction back. We might find a way to hide either the Select or Cursor tool depending on the keymap to solve that.

I’m not sure it’s that useful to be able to select with both mouse buttons.

it’s not useful to be able to select with both mouse buttons.
it may actually be useful to have the tool work as expected if someone has right click select as a default but then changes some of their keymap where right click isn’t select. like if they wanted to set up their selection methods on a per editor/mode basis but for a number of things prefer right click.

the option was there i figured why not and was unpleasantly surprised to find that it didn’t work or maybe that it was broken as intended?

it’s just having a tool on the bar and then not having it work like the tool you set it to feels bad.

i don’t really see a problem with allowing it though. it enables people to do more specific things with their own custom keymaps and i doubt most people would see leaving it available as an oversight rather than just allowing users free access to all available tools in the event they wanted to do something crazy (awesome) like set up their selection methods on a per editor/mode basis.

as you may have gathered from this string of submissions there are times when i think right click select is fantastic and times when a more traditional approach would be just as good or a bit better (a node editor quick menu would be helpful i think).

besides i don’t see how it wouldn’t be just a little bit easier for you guys to not have it change based on right or left click select.

in the grand scheme of things if you’re talking about active tools and button use i think it’d be more worthwhile to allow a user to set left and right click to the toolbar and allow them to set two active tools, one for each button rather than restrict what they can do.
might seem a little crazy but we do crazy things sometimes.

my first thought is that is a strange place to have that rather than in the UI and attached to specific workspaces. i must have glanced over it several times not expecting anything like that to be there.

you may want to change it’s name.
what it’s called sounds like what i want.
it sounds like it should just keep you in sculpt mode, paint, mode or whatever when you change objects.

what it does is just keep you locked onto one object when you’re outside of object/edit mode.
it does seem like it’d be useful in heavy scenes for sculpting and painting and animation (like to keep the armature you’re working with selected when you’re trying to change bones) but it’s name sounds very different than what it does.

object lock sounds like a better name. i also think it’d be more useful in the actual ui rather than hidden in a menu. it’s an option that’d be useful to turn on and off during specific tasks or when you’re working on specific things in a crowded viewport.

it does at least get me back up to 2.79 level of usability.

it’d be really nice if i didn’t still have to swap modes per object in the sculpting or other more mode specific workspaces. having to change an objects mode every time i select it feels like a slowdown.
it also feels kind of sloppy and awkward to be in the sculpting workspace and have things come up in object mode or a paint mode when selected.
i’d expect the sculpting workspace to be locked in sculpt mode unless i change out of sculpt mode specifically.

maybe add another option that keeps you in a single mode per specific workspace?
maybe don’t have sculpting and painting modes be tied to specific objects rather than viewport?