2.8 Release Candidate 2 even more unstable than previous builds

I’m not entirely sure how to put this, but ive been using release candidate 2 for the past few days, and its been constant crash after crash after crash. This is a bit jarring because before this ive been using an earlier build of 2.8 for the past few months, and crashing has been almost non-existent with that version. It seems blender will at random lock up and then just crash on this version when i try doing nearly anything. Try to edit something in the material editor = crash, try to do something in edit mode = crash, it seems to be completely random. I just figured i should put this out there for the devs to take note of if they havent already. I am very thankful that recovery works infinitely better than before, but the crashing is still a massive annoyance.

I have also noticed crashes, especially while moving vertexes in edit mode with the G hotkey. It happens very often here.

download the latest buildbot and try again, it had crashes on sculpt mode when undoing or switching modes when RC2 released ,probably related to undo system but i don’t get any crashes anymore not in sculpt or edit modes.

In RC2 I had more crashes. Not only in edit mode but also when in working with nodes (in cycles engine). RC1 is more stable but all versions still have the same problem . After using the Bool tool and then using the UWV unwrap tool all UV maps are stretched or deformed. The same problem is after using Smart UV project. I know how to solve this problem manually but it will be more pleasant if the user does not have to solve anything.

Yes, I feel that I really need to add a function to automatically save a copy when I crash.

I think, this is not the case. I use Blender 2.8 RC2 on regular based. I have to face this problem couple of time, as can i remember (2 times). Just to remember always saves you works after any improvement in you production.
@susannabanana maybe your graphics drivers are outdated, & in RC2 maybe some works done in this way, try to update your graphics drivers…
When anyone see major crash (Blender closes completely without knowing anythings), reports it (with enough info, so dev can reproduce and can solve). This is only way to make Blender for everyone…
Actually a lot of work done in 2.8, so it takes time to make completely bugs free. Yeah, It will takes time, & efforts but one day …
We all can make Blender better for everyone.
**One Note More: ** When one bugs solves, It’s always chances that another bugs will produce, it’s general in developing. However, as i know at Blender codding is done carefully.
Still any confusions, we are always here… thanks for your time and supports…

you guys, what gpu do you have? … I suspect you have crashes from the same gpu family

I have Nvidia GTX 1070 Ti, but it works good. In RC1 Cycles rendering is faster than RC2.

I still have crashes while editing a mesh.
This time, I just tried to duplicate edges with Shift + D. Blender 2.8 4f363283eb2c just crashed.

When I checked in my %Temp% folder, I couldn’t find any crash log file. Usually, blender creates a .txt file containing the error messages, doesn’t it ?