2.8 modifier suggestion

haven’t you noticed that everytime you need to add the same modifier to a couple of objects, but you’re unable to add that modifier to all of them even if they are selected?

Well, I bet you were expecting some sort of a text advertisment XD. But seriously though, blender 2.8 really needs to have this feature where we are able to add the same modifier or constraint on all selected objects at once instead of select, add, configure, repeat. It would make our job on making character rigs alot easier.
I just hope blender team would read this topic, but I doubt it…


You can use build in “copy attributes menu” addon for this. Press ctrl+c and you will be able to copy modifiers from the active object (the last selected one) to all selected objects.
You can copy many more attributes with this addon from the active object. ( location/ rotation/ constraints etc.)