2.8 Mesh Analysis

Hi guys, new here. Just a Blender user, thanks to the contributors who make this amazing tool available. Did a couple searches but nothing turned up.

I use the distortion Mesh Analysis to selectively choose where my planar faces are when making low poly 3D game models that will be shaded with hard edges.


Right now it says this feature works with deform modifiers- but I can’t seem to get it to work.

It’s useful for precision modeling as well as 3D printing, I hope the feature doesn’t get overlooked. I’m sure this isn’t relevant to many people- just something I personally do.


I encountered the same problem in the latest version of 2.8, that is, Mesh Analysis could not be used. I suspect that it is my operation problem, I created a file that has been Mesh Analysis in 2.79 and opened it in 2.8, but it does not work. I hope to solve this problem.

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I tried to use it today with a file created in 2.8 and it still doesn’t work…