2.8 Cycles GPU (or hybrid) rendering gives result with artefacts

2.8 Cycles GPU (or hybrid) rendering gives result with artefacts. Attached picture shows result of hybrid rendering. Only GPU rendering makes artefacts everywhere on picture.
Used build from Blender Builds - blender.org (Linux 64bit)
Blender 2.79 GPU rendering works properly.

Original blendfile and system_info (zip) here:

Please report bugs in the tracker, so we can all track them in a centralized place:

Thank you for answer. Report is done. See


I have read note “Report only crash”, so I have posted it here.
I have found more non-crash bugs in 2.8, can I post them there now too?

Technically we only accept crash bugs for 2.8, but this is likely also a bug in master builds of 2.79 so it’s ok. For 2.8 non-crash bugs we ask to wait a little longer with reporting.

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