2.8 Blender icon redesign suggestion

Hi, don’t freak out, I’m not saying changing anything important, just add something to diferenciate 2.7x from 2.8 on my windows taskbar. I add the sofware I use the most as a quick access to the taskbar of windows, it could be nice to have both Blender 2.7x and Blender 2.8 close to each other and that I could differenciate them maybe with a different background or adding something to the icon, to know what version I am opening.

:blender: (:cry::cry: So no blender emoji?)

I know that in the future I will only use one version of Blender, and I would like it to be the blender simbol as it is, but maybe it can have some tiny thing that can differenciate it without loosing its brand and personality. Example:

What do you think?


Unnecessary actually…

No need to put the version there. But…

It would make it easier to differentiate the new version from old if they would just update the icon to either the current recommended desktop icon or the one used on this site. Both are different from the one currently used in the blender binary.

Blender.org has a page about recommended logo usage here:

In the following image you will see the current program icon on the left, the recommended desktop icon, and as it is shown here at Devtalk.



Not a big deal to me, but this is how Opera separates dev releases from stable releases:

Kinda neat tho.


It would be nice to have a dev icon but you can do this manually by creating a shortcut to the program, then editing the shortcut (Right Click > Properties > Shortcut > Change Icon), then pinning the edit.

You can change the exe icon directly but I wouldn’t do it because so long as you put the beta/nightly in the same place, the shortcut will always point to it and it’s icon won’t need to be changed with every update.


Yeah, the nice thing will be, instead of me having to change the icon on every build, that it’d come with the program. I know I can change an icon, but it’s not the point I was intending.

Like I said, I agree, but also you don’t need to change it on every build if you change the shortcut that points to the build.

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