2.8 Beta, There is no gizmo for my selection :/

Hi in blender 2.79 I automatically get a gizmo for my selection if “Use 3D manipulator widget for controlling transforms” is turned on, unfortunately not in 2.8. I know I can Use G R S in 2.8 to move but if I want to move on a specific axis have to push a button again instead of click and drag on the gizmo’s arrow. Any solution to this ? Here is a gif, first part is 2.79 what i want, the second part is from 2.8 what i don’t want. blender_gif


Thats one of the biggest issues in the current tool system, many people are asking for multiple tools active at the same time but nothing so far.

We are begging for the inclusion of the transform gizmo in the selection tools for some time now, but unfortunately no luck…
It’s hard to understand why they don’t add such standard feature.

I think this suggestion is really important.:neutral_face: So if this subject get 100 favorites, cause blender developer re-consider, I hope so.

Gizmo is expected to be shown when we select something… I know we must need option to
hide gizmo. but I do not approve, to show gizmo, we need to change active tool.
if new blender 2.8 user, return 2.7, they will say 2.7 gizomo was more easy to use, and good experience
when they model something with gizmo.

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I’m not alone on this part !
Without those gizmos, to move/scale/rotate things you have two choices :

  • move/scale/rotate tool : stop what you’re doing, clic on the tool then move/scale/rotate the way you want
  • shortcuts : R/G/S and think “I want to move in this specific way, is it X ? Y ? Z ?”

Some times the shortcuts are the best ways but some times gizmos are the easiest to use.

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i’m still waiting for an answer :neutral_face:

Aren’t we all ? Btw at this point I don’t need that gizmo even if they decide to add it.

but you want it :laughing:

Three things:

1: You can leave the tools active. Enable any of the transform tools and continue to work normally, just like in 2.7x. You can then use the B key to do a box select, and access all other commands.

2: The thing that makes switching tools slow, is because they are not bound to hotkeys by default. We should add a preference to make the shortcuts switch active tools, in addition to adding the Industry Compatible keymap, which would switch tools by default.

3: As has been answered many times already, there is a way we can make it so you can enable tool gizmos while still allowing users to click and drag using other tools:

This can only work for the tools that have gizmos. It cannot work for tools like Bevel, 3D Cursor, Annotate and other tools that are simply executed by dragging, with no gizmo.

For users using modal tools, but who enjoy having a gizmo, or preferably an indicator, for showing the current orientation and pivot point (which aren’t displayed in select or cursor modes). There’s no way to have the gizmo up but snap the cursor.
So, in lieu of an overlay that displays the current pivot point and orientation, or just for those who want to change the drag action, can the cursor be added to that list?

Hi! I don’t have this drag action option

Not yet :slight_smile:

Hehe, okay I get it! :smiley: A little off but there is a way to prevent mapping hotkeys to multiple functions? Like a warning or something " Dude you already using this hotkey for Extrude"

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