2.79 vertex selection visibility is much better

Is it just me or is it much easier to see what’s selected in vertex mode in 2.79 than in 2.8x?


2.8 is in the left side.
Even though the vertex are bigger, the highlight color is very washed out in 2.8x…


I prefer the image on the right because the color gradient is more evident.


Yes I agree that would be better. Or have that as a UI option to toggle in the User Preferences perhaps. Make a checkbox for Stronger Edge Gradient or similar

I consider also that pixel alias plays some part too. Graphics without alias look rather ugly in some respect, but they are super-efficient due to making things look super crisp. Alias just blends pixels too much and makes them look smudgy (gray-ish tones prevail mostly in the same way as applying an image blur filter in your image).

Some extra thing I tried is by testing the same effect on text as well, I noticed that Hinting can be changed to Full and make text looks ten times better - far clearer and crisp. Perhaps is something like applying an extra de-blur filter at the post processing stage?

2020-10-25 16_22_00-Blender Preferences