Wrong hair-particle position ( potential bug ?)


potential bug report here, but i want to make a topic here just to make sure that the issue has not been reported.

Basically, when a hair particle is either under a Vgroup or Texture influence, the particle position is not correct (i suspect this is related to density/length with both texture slots and modifiers)

Here’s some example, we can clearly see that either the particle position is not updating, or totally in the wrong location.

the only way to update the position:

  • hide/unhide toggle
    -edit mode toggle

all the python code normally refreshing the scene are not working

anyone can confirm ?

this is quite a big deal. it’s breaking all environment artists workflows

Report potential bugs directly in the tracker, with all requested information including a .blend file. That’s where developers are triaging issues, and it’s much faster if it includes .blend file and other information.

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Ok thanks
( just wanted to be sure )

This is a known issue. Some properties are not updated to benefit performance.
See: https://developer.blender.org/T67394

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thanks for confirming.