WIP GSOC Proposal : Add a shader preview node


Hey guys, this year I’ll be a GSOC candidate and I have some ideas I want to share with you to have a clean proposal.
I’m actually at a school where I do a lot of maths and Computer Science.
I’ll be candidate for the 175h format which is the right one for me.

The idea

So, I want to work on the pre-visualisation during shader editing.
What the user wants is to have a better knowledge of a specific node tree, and know what are the effects of some parts of the node tree. (useful for team work, large node tree, old blender files, …)

What comes in mind at first is having a small area of preview atop every node. But this first approach is very annoying, because of multiple constraints :

  • it is heavy on performances → recalculate tons of previews
  • some nodes not important visually (no effect on the shader) → no need to preview them
  • it is not very flexible → all have to be the same size, and so not precise

So, to face these issues, I think the user could choose himself where to put the different preview points (in the node tree).
Sooo, I propose a new node type : a “Preview” node :

  • the user can place them wherever he wants
  • the performances are influenced according to the number of Preview nodes
  • the preview nodes would be resizable so the user is not annoyed of too big/small previews

Constraints over this GSOC project

I want to share with you this idea, because I cannot apply for GSOC with a project that is not relevant or useless for the Blender community. I also need to make sure this project is not too long. I think I could do it in the time announced. At first, I’ll probably take some inspiration from the material preview (in the property area), and the other node designs.

With this in mind, I would like to have your thoughts about this proposal, before I complete the final submission.
Thank you for you consideration and the time you will take to answer me :smiley:.

Note : I’ll probably add some mockups(UI/UX descriptions) if no one rises against this idea.


How would this compare to this existing option:

What would you do to set your work apart from this work? One possibility would be previews that work in Eevee, as this add-on doesn’t work with Eevee.

What advantages does this approach have over having previews directly attached to nodes, as the add-on does? With the latter approach, previews don’t add space to a node graph- your approach would require a significantly larger canvas to encompass the same node graph because of the added nodes. It’s definitely possible that you could come up with ways to make this less of an issue, but it’s something to bear in mind at this ideation point.

Overall, I think this is a cool idea; however, I think you should do a bit more ideation and figure out what advantages this has over the current system, and how to make the needed extra space more manageable :slight_smile:


I mean, the idea is that it would be incorporated to blender and so more efficient and reliable. Moreover, some functionalities are not possible with this addon and might become possible with a true integration.
Instead of what is shown in by the addon, the idea here is to have different states of the node tree that would be displayed. The user can also specify different preview types (plane, cube, …).

What is really important for me to know at this point is whether it is interesting to have it integrated to blender natively. Having a commercial addon making it possible isn’t a block for this functionality I think.
Some peoples seemed to be very interested on Right Click Select, and some main devs are for this too.
The major point with this thread would be to understand what would be the optimal way of implementing a way of previewing the shader tree from the shader editor (currently, not with a new editor that could appear in 3years).

I made a little mockup to explain a bit what I had in mind (eventually add some checkboxes or a cleaner ui):
I made it big for me to explain better the idea, but it could easily be smaller.


The main point is perfs. And also visibility. I do not think the user is willing to know every aspect of every node. I might be wrong, but having a clear view at some specific point gives more focus over the tree than having views at every nodes.


I don’t think this should be a separate preview node. Shader nodes in the past natively supported previews, and to me it seems logical to make it work the same. It’s useful to quicky enable the preview for a bunch of nodes to see how the values change from on node to the next.

Performance is a concern. In the old Blender Internal shading nodes there was a nice system where it would execute the shader nodes just once and write to an image buffer after every node. That was easy then because it would use the actual shader node data structures for execution, but Cycles and Eevee shader execution are quite far removed from that.

A optimization trick could be to automatically modify the shader node graph to write an AOV after every node that has a preview enabled, and then read back those. Unfortunately that would not work for nodes that output shader sockets (mainly BSDFs).

Even if it renders every preview individually and is slow with many node previews, I think it’s still worth having.



so the idea is to be similar to the previews of the compositor :

As you said : Under the hood, it should be possible but some optimisation is to be done in order to improve performances.

I’ll wait for others to share their opinion about that.
@brecht you said it could be difficult to fit it in the 175 h schedule. I think it is because of all these optimisations needed ?

I haven’t actually used the “node preview” addon but having a preview on every node looks quite distracting. I think it would make the most sense as a “viewer” node of sorts, kinda like the one from geometry nodes : you can have several at a time placed strategically to highlight specific, relevant points in a material graph. This strikes me as more of a documentation/cooperation feature. Supporting color and float inputs would be the most important aspect to me because there’s always the viewport to visualize bsdfs.


Having a preview on every node, I think, is better UX than searching for and connecting viewer nodes.
However, they have to be toggleable on all nodes. Like, with a small eye icon button on the header of every node.


Yes, as long as it can be activated on a per-node basis that sounds good


Speaking for myself, knowing the aspect/output appearance of each node is exactly what I would need.

Example: When I’m adding a noise node, it’s beneficial within the tree what the base values of the noise look like without regard to whatever UV coordinates are going to do with the shader once applied.

Ie, exactly the feature of the Node Preview addon posted by Joseph.

Having a “final shader composite preview” node at the end of the tree is of no value to me; I can see the result in the 3D viewport. (UVs are a factor here, yes - but again, the full composite is of less interest to me than the individual components, because it’s a the individual node that I need to see when I’m editing it)

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Global settings to control when to update the previews will also help. Like ‘update every time’, ‘update only by explicit user command’ (Ctrl + R or some button to refresh for example).

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