[Windows] building release-debug version of Blender?

Hi there, I’m building Blender on Windows, and the instructions are pretty straightforward. I can build Blender, in release mode. Is there a way to build a release version with debug info? I don’t immediately see that configuration when I do a ‘make help’.

Thanks in advance!

These are the debug options available in Blender.

Hi there, I don’t think I’ve made myself clear. I meant when building Blender. When compiling an application, you can have Debug, Release, or Release with debug information. I’d like to compile Blender with the third option, the default is the second one.

This is not directly supported from within make.bat it gives you the baisc options just for people to build easily, if you need debugging symbols, i suggest opening the .sln in the build folder with the VS IDE and selecting the RelWithDebInfo configuration , right click on ‘INSTALL’ in the solution explorer and select build.

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The easiest way is to open the blender folder in vscode and choose RelWithDebInfo. I use this to avoid the bloated vs2019/2017 since I just want to build. Of course you need the vscode cmake extensions.


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While vscode will probably work, we currently only offer support with the regular visual studio. People are naturally free to use whatever they prefer, however support is going to be rather limited with those more exotic configurations.

vscode is very light, and to learn how to develop addons thanks to the vscode blender extension of Jacques Lucke and its video tutorials is very easy and intuitive.
Unfortunately I can’t configure cmake for build blender for windows.
could you kindly list the exact steps to do?

While with linux everything runs smoothly following the blender wiki instructions, on windows it is not so, I have tried both with vs2017 and vs2019, while installing useless stufs in both cases that have come to occupy 10 gb, I have not managed to build blender following blender wiki instructions.
I tried to follow this video tutorial and it was useless, blender keeps telling me that vsual studio is missing and then I gave up, the step by step instructions currently are not exhaustive for easy build blender for windows… (for a casual user who wants to learn something)

If you have issues building, feel free to open up a topic with detailed information where things go ff the rails for you, and what kind of errors you are getting, i’m happy to assist!

at the moment I deleted everything (keeping only the blender source codes already downloaded) but as soon as I try again I will create a thread that will explain all the steps I have taken and the problems that have emerged, and that I can’t overcome

Judging from your comment,i suspect the C++ compilers may not have been installed when you installed visual studio, I updated the wiki a tiny bit to mention what non default components needs to be selected.

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in fact for some reason I got a popup in both vc2019 and vc2017 versions that asked me to manually install a package that had not been downloaded (now I don’t remember exactly what they were) but that asked me to install manually and that I did not have,
Perhaps a problem from the comunty packages, from microsoft?
I could not answer, I only know that at some point I gave up.

Well let me know how it goes when you retry! community versions will work, it’s what we use for the official / buildbot builds.

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I will certainly do it, thanks

I also had trouble building Debug when I hadn’t downloaded debugging symbols for the dll’s Blender was using. I don’t really know what any of that means, but I think I was able to build Debug after that.

For a while I was getting a successful build, but it crashed immediately upon opening with no errors (at least not that I could find). I think it was resolved after I downloaded the debugging symbols. Maybe it was because I did a make clean. This was a few weeks ago during Bcon1 of 2.81.

@LazyDodo What do you think about that? What was I doing wrong?

Also, unrelated-- is there a thread on here for build Blender as a Python Module? I don’t want to open a new one if there’s already one open (I think you’re the one who would know, and this is obviously the wrong place to ask).

I really can’t comment on your debugging issues based on the information given beyond ‘it should work out of the box’

for building blender as a python module, this is not officially supported although building it is easy (just run make bpy in the source folder, should work if you are able to do a normal blender build), installing it into the right place tends to be a little tricky but you can find some limited documentation on it here


OK, thanks! Whatever it was, it righted itself before I was annoyed enough to look for help. Later when I’m at home I’ll open a thread and ping you with the build errors I get with make bpy.

I just gave it a whirl, aaaaaaaaand it’s broken… will see if i have time to fix it later today

edit: it was something minor, fixed! should be all good again!