Will an inbetween version of v2.79 be released before 2.8 release? See my post why it's important


I love Blender and use it for my work to create 3D graphics for clients. A stable and well working version is important for me. So my preferred version is the stable official release v2.79b.

I’m not using blenders daily builds for complete projects, because the official statement doesn’t recommend it.

But now my problem: I use the daylies more often to render scenes, because the cycles renderer there got some really important bug fixes that I’m sorely missing in the official build.

My question is now:
Is there a hope for an official inbetween release of “v2.79c” before the release of v.2.8?
I would really appreciate this. And if so, are you already able to publish a release date for such a release ?

Best wishes

the development of 2.79 blender is having some minor upgrades, so probably a 2.79c version will come out when it is well stable and will obviously have bugfixes

There are currently no plans to do a 2.79c release. The plan is to keep master stable for production use, but a specific bugfix release would take time away from 2.8 work and that’s the priority at the moment.

Thank you for your answers.

@Brecht: So what do we’ve to do now? Is it still not recommented to use the v2.79 daily builds?
I ask because the builds are compiled and published every day… This makes the users a bit confused and suggest a running development with a hope for a release in my opinion.

There’s a lot of people using master in production. It’s not recommended if you want the most stable Blender release, but for many the trade-off is worth it, it’s up to you to decide.

OK. Thank you. The current official release is very stable.

So I assume the dailies should be stable in most situations too. For me the file compatibility of beta versions is much more important than functionality. So if a saved 2.79.x .blend-file can be opened without problems in the official release, then all is fine for me.

So do you think I can open saved files with daily builds still in the official if needed or can this cause problems in some areas?

You can open the files in official releases, but there will be some loss of data since they don’t support all the features of the daily builds. It may not be a big problem depending on what you’re working on, but in general switching back to an older Blender version for a project is problematic.

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