: "Download external libraries from Subversion" section missing from Building Blender for macOS

“Building Blender for macOS” at
is missing body text for the “Download external libraries from Subversion” topic.

Perhaps the following lines can be added to the terminal code block in the “Download Sources and Libraries” section.

cd ~/blender-build
svn checkout lib/darwin

Is there another way to submit this suggestion about

If you follow that guide and build with make from the source dir, it will realize the libs are missing and download them for you.

I used Xcode as described in the guide rather than make which was not successful.

From the guide:

Now you are ready to get the latest Blender source code from’s Git repository. Copy and paste the following instructions into a terminal window. These will create a blender-build folder off your home directory and download the latest source code, ----> as well as addons and external libraries. <-----

mkdir ~/blender-build
cd ~/blender-build
git clone
cd blender
make update

if you skip ahead in the guide, you’re bound to miss things, be sure to run this, cause you are gonna need the submodules for blender to run properly.

Well, shazbot. I looked back at my command history and I missed pasting
cd blender; make update

Thank you for your quick reply and guidance.