Why does blender not release an executable file?

Hello everyone, I am new for here.

I am sorry for disturbance. I would like to say about linking “blender” with -no-pie
Because blender is not an executable file format. If I am using Ubuntu 18.04.4

Can I have to modify Makefile for end of “Linking blender”?
I show like this:

But where is a clickable executable file? Like example I made
Simple for HelloWorld.c
gcc HelloWorld.c -o HelloWorld -no-pie It means an executable file format. If you use without -no-pie
It can’t make clickable like text format. It is really wrongly.

I hope you understand me. Because I am using Ubuntu 18.04.4 Thank you for understanding and accepting my understanding!

A few versions ago Ubuntu removed(hid?) the ability to run executable files directly off of Nautilus. Assuming you built it correctly as per instructions it IS an executable file, provided you have the correct execute permissions set (chmod 755) and can be ran on the terminal via cd build folder && ./blender

I have tried. Please read correctly!

gcc / g++ I want add “-no-pie” in g++ or gcc because I am using Ubuntu 18.04. Thanks and where is end of linking like gcc -o blender ...... -g ... or g++ -o blender ...... -g ... I want add “-no-pie” than
gcc -o blender ...... -g ... -no-pie or g++ -o blender ...... -g ... -no-pie

Result of compilation with “-no-pie” is “executable file format”.

I know chmod u+x blender but you should see like you click “blender” than it throws error message
Image 1

Example from my development with executable file with my workstation:

It is an executable file format of Linux.

That is why I want I add “-no-pie” in blender’s Makefile.

Because I don’t know why does Ubuntu 18.04 have “-no-pie” support.
See wikipedia


Just set your CMAKE_EXE_LINKER_FLAGS to -no-pie ?