Who should be contacted to disable spam accounts on Phabricator?

I have put together some simple python scripts to catch spam accounts on the bug tracker. It runs periodically using GitHub actions. It catches ~10 accounts every week with a few false positives.

Who should be contacted to disable those accounts ?
Can there be a custom policy for the “user edit” action ? If so, @Robert might be interested.

Bothering @ponderz here, and as per modules page, @dfelinto also.

Sounds very useful. I’ve already volunteered to handle spam accounts, if given the required permissions.

It catches ~10 accounts every week with a few false positives.

Oh, I see about 10 just in the last 24 hours.

treatassignmenthelpuk, bringmemagic1, usaiasparts, jacksmith1793, lisaalix, Aman102, Priyasingh60, luckycigar

I just averaged the last 1.5 week… Also that weekends are quiet.
All those you mentioned are caught too. This week is off to a good start for them it seems. (;

Well, I have a very simple solution, disable editing this “Blurb” in the profile for new users, and that’s it, no spam accounts. I would say disable for all users who are not members of any project. Or at least don’t allow links. It’s very simple.

From my limited power of looking around, I didn’t see any way to do that, or to do that easily without continuously querying new user accounts and changing their editing ability.

And that isn’t going to stop old accounts just waiting to be able to edit it.

That may not be helpful for people who help with triaging.

I don’t know enough php to check that when a profile updates.

@ankitm I am reviewing how pharbricator’s permissions work managing projects and policies.
Will be looking at more of role based structure.

In the meantime, if i can get a list of accounts or link to your script, I will see what can be done in the short term.

I invited you on GitHub to see the repo.
Check the auto_commits branch for the updated logs