Which source files: TAB to enter modeling workspace

I am new to the code. Which files would I look in to change TAB from [entering into Edit Mode] to [switching to the Modeling Workspace] AND [entering into Edit Mode]. Has this change been suggested?

The default keymap is stored in release/scripts/presets/keyconfig/keymap_data/blender_default.py

Switching workspace can be done via an operator, however it relies on the named workspace existing - which isn’t a assured since users can customize them.



It would be more reliable to make an operator that does this, so it can create a workspace if none exists.


Does the script get compiled into the executable, or do I edit it separately after the exe is made?

I guess what I am saying is: Do I edit the file and then run “make” or do I look for the script in the resulting build folder?

This is loaded in at run-time, you can edit any of these scripts without compiling Blender.

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