Where is this code called?

I am working on an enhancement to the Voronoi texture, and would like to change a function signature, but I can’t do so without updating all callers with the new signature, and I can’t find where this function is called. The function is simply called voronoi() with the signature:

void voronoi(point, string, float, float[4], point[4])

and it’s defined in intern\cycles\kernel\shaders\node_texture.h. As the only files including this file are *.osl files, I expect it’s an OSL function, but am new to shader languages and am not sure what I’m looking for. My guess is that this is called from C++ into OSL, but don’t know what such calls look like, or where to look for them.

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Doens’t look like anything is calling it, this commit seems to have moved the function to a different file without cleaning up the .h file

If you don’t mind leaving this code in place for the moment, I’m currently working on a patch, where I’m using this code a working space for the changes I’m applying to the Voronoi code in the rest of Blender. I will delete this function, and my proof of concept code when I’m done. Thanks for doing the legwork to find the commit where this function should have been removed.

I’m constantly rebasing on origin/master, so having this code delete out from under me would be slightly annoying, but nothing I couldn’t easily recover from.