Where am I supposed to change WITH_STATIC_LIBS?

It’s my first time building a branch with static linked libraries.
This page says to set WITH_STATIC_LIBS to ON but it doesn’t say in which file and this string is located in multiple files, 3 of which having an ON or OFF somewhere after it:

blender/CMakeLists.txt:	option(WITH_STATIC_LIBS "Try to link with static libraries, as much as possible, to make blender more portable across distributions" OFF)
blender/CMakeLists.txt:	if(WITH_STATIC_LIBS)
Binary file blender/.git/objects/pack/pack-956d3fffa53d7df72d4fed4333ae2e6b9cbda1e3.pack matches
blender/build_files/cmake/platform/platform_unix.cmake:	set(WITH_STATIC_LIBS ON)
blender/build_files/cmake/platform/platform_unix.cmake:	if(WITH_STATIC_LIBS)
blender/build_files/cmake/platform/platform_unix.cmake:		if(WITH_STATIC_LIBS)

It’s a cmake option pass -DWITH_STATIC_LIBS=On to it

on which make command? The one you run in the git directory or the one in the build directory?

cmake and make are not the same thing. On the link you gave scroll up to ’ Editing CMake Parameters`

Oooh, wait, is Static Linking a sub-paragraph of it?

Not sure, but it’s prior knowledge you need, here’s a direct link to the section : Editing CMake Parameters

Well thanks @LazyDodo