When I build cycle standalone in windows with cmake and vs2019 ,it seem something wrong with boost

This is the CMAKE output.

Its seem that something wrong in boost.Should i use vs2017 to config in CMAKE?

Tips: the source is from git://git.blender.org/cycles.git but not blender,but using the same lib ,and when i using blender sourse to building cycle standalone ,some other question occured.And i will show it in my another title.

I fixed cycles make.bat to pass this option by default but you need to pass the cmake option -DBoost_NO_BOOST_CMAKE=On if you run cmake your self.

Thank for you answer.When i use make.bat. Some problem dose fixed,but another problem shows.Something wrong with OpenColorIO.It report like that:
error C2039: “applyRGB”: Not member of "OpenColorIO_v2_0::Processor"
and this problem exist in shader.cpp and colorspace.cpp.
And after search applyrgb in blendertalk ,the closest question here seem caused by the diff version of lib and sonrce code.How should i check my source and lib version, i
think i colne the master branch as what official website said.

cycles standalone only gets updated with major blender releases, blender master has moved on since with newer library versions that are not compatible with current master in the cycles repo, you currently need the 2.92 libs to build cycles standalone.

Thank you.New i have more clearly realize in the use of svn and git in blender. :blush:

another question is dose cycles standalone have gui?when check cmakelist i find there have gui to click,but my config by cmake always make build false.:joy:

there is, but calling it a gui is overselling it a tiny bit, if enabled and build a window will popup while rendering and show the progress, while with it off it’ll do a command line render