What's object.draw_type now in 2.8 and why is there no more hinting in the hover text?


still trying to upgrade my addons. In 2.79 I could read and write object.draw_type (e.g. object.draw_type = “WIRE”) but it’s gone now. How to make in 2.80?

In 2.79 it was very good hover with the mouse in Blender and it tell about Python. E.g. hover with the mouse over button and it say "Python: … " . But now this gone.

This page still confusing and shoudl removed: https://en.blender.org/index.php/Dev:2.8/Source/LayersCollections/API-Changes

It saying wrong

But must be

Thank you.

I think it’s now object.display_type == “WIRE”. Not 100% sure on this.

You can still enable the python info in Preferences. I think it’s called “Developer Info” or something similar to that.


Python info when hovering can be activated at
Preferences/python tooltips