What would need to be modified to build the current version of Blender for Android?

Is it possible to build Blender for android by removing only some parts of it (like cycles) or would it be necessary to modify the code to work with OpenGL ES 3.2?

Will Vulkan support make this possible?

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what sense make cut part of software (as one render engine in one 3D CG app) to make it compile on one OS?
what should be scope to use Android (or IOS) with any type of 3SD software? make modelling? make animation? make texturing, sculpting or what?

AFAIK is already possible use ARM CPU to run Blender but only to challenge to make this

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I know there is a prototype of version 2.63 for Android, that’s why I’m asking.

Having a version for Android and IOS will be good for creating low poly and 2D because it does not require a powerful device to do all the tasks that blender can do.

and about removing parts it was just for compatibility reasons.

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I want to try to build, I just need to know what would be necessary to change and what is incompatible.


Making it work on Android will require major code changes. Especially making it work with OpenGL ES, updating the old Android specific code to work with the latest code base, getting the library dependencies to build for Android, etc. Possibly months of work before you get a first prototype running.


Thanks for the info!
I’ll start to see what needs to be changed or used to make it work with OpenGL ES 3.2.
if there is any progress I will probably post here.


Is any good alternative , which can run on Android ( tablet ) ?

Apparently it didn’t.)

I guess you are referring to the recent Termux Blender package? That’s a Linux X11 desktop environment running on Android, which indeed is a faster way to get it working. It’s not a native Android application, but maybe fills the need for some.


Thanks , will test. Creating .apk file will be Hopefully possible soon ( not neccessary to have all features )