What things are guaranted to change on the API?

So I know I shouldnt update my addons right now but I want to.

I just want to compartimentalize my addon to make it easier to change on the future.

What are the things that are gonna surely change, I can pack them on functions inside a module so I can just rewrite the module, saving time for 2.8.

I wanna make the addon Interchangeable between 2.7 and 2.8, seems like 2.7 doesn’t care about what version number I put on the init dictionary.

You’re asking this question too early because planned API changes for 2.8x haven’t been finished (or even started).

You can try and run your code in 2.8x and see what breaks, while it may work with minor changes - it’s also possible the things you need to do aren’t yet implemented.

Basic things like object selection and how to properly access evaluated meshes are not finalized yet.