What is EEVEE's license?

I would like to know what the software license for EEVEE is.

AFAIK, EEVEE is in rBlender making it GPL. If so, I would also like to know if there is any chance of it being under other licenses, just like cycles is Apache2.0?

Eeevee is embeded inside the Blender source code , as such it is GPL 3 licensed like the rest of the code. For it to exist under secondary license like Cycles, it will require to make the code independent like Cycle is which I doubt that is the case currently.

If you look for a real time rendering engine released under a permisive copyleft license , then I suggest Godot which is released under MIT , which is the most popular license for open source software.


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It’s GPL v2. It would be rather difficult to untangle it from the rest of Blender code, since it reuses a lot of existing infrastructure and code.

I am confused why Eevee is under GPL v2 and while I see a GPL v3 license in the build folder ? Is it tied to GPL v2 code that cannot be upgraded to version 3 ?

Most Blender code is licensed GPL v2 or later, when in doubt see the header of each file.

doc/license contains both GPL v2 and v3 licenses.

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