What is Blender equivalent of a unordered_map (like in C++)?

I need to store unique indices of vertices and I can’t use GSet because it only stores pointers.

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GSet can be used with integers as keys. See how it’s done with GHash and BLI_ghash_int_new_ex, GSet can work similarly.

Is this correct ?
Adding to it:

intptr_t idx = vi.vert_indices[vi.gx];
BLI_gset_add(vert_idxs, (void *) idx);

Reading it:

GSet *v_idxs = ss->vert_layers[i].vert_idxs;
void *idx;

GSET_FOREACH_BEGIN (void *, idx, v_idxs) {
        mask_data[(intptr_t) idx] = mask_amount;

PS: Will Blender ever be C++, so I can use that sweet standard library ?

Seems right, you should use to SET_INT_IN_POINTER() and GET_INT_FROM_POINTER() macros to make the casting more explicit.

Some Blender modules use C++, but I don’t know of any concrete plans to convert the core to it as well. It would be convenient for things like this.