What happened to Scrambling Distance? It´s been used in Theory and it will help speed up rendering


Those are some pretty nice examples :smiley:


@brecht @lukasstockner97 how is this going?

I know that you are super busy, but this could be a great thing to add during beta, so people is more conscious of it and things can change faster :slight_smile: (also it will help a lot in Spring… I´m´sure about that XD and it will help us in archviz too… I´m´also sure about that hehe)



@JuanGea It’s planned for Q2 of 2019 if i interpret this right:


Good :slight_smile:

It´s a pity not having it right now… but it´s logical since there is a ton of work over the devs for the Beta :slight_smile:

Thanks for the heads up @SimonStorl-Schulke !!