What happend with the compiling time?

Hi, im used to compile blender in linux folowing the wiki steps, all set up > make update > make release and this works perfect but for some reason a few weeks ago this part of the compile processes that used to take less than a few minutes, now takes a lot of time, didn’t time it but it has gone from two or three minutes to twenty o thirty, i didn’t change anything just make update > make release, it does compile but it takes a lot of time now.

I didn’t really look at it, but blender is constantly growing. sometimes a compile unit get too big to fit in your ram and you machine will start swapping. This can easily make the compile take 10x longer.

Maybe watch the memory/swap usage during the compile and see if that’s the reason?

Also worth noting when you are building master sometimes there’s a few changes in a few files, sometimes there’s very large changes, and sometimes there’s small changes to a header every compile unit includes. There’s no fixed time how long an incremental build should take, it all depends on what changed since your last build.