Weird behaviour of Mesh/Separate/By Loose Parts

I have a two cubes in one mesh that don’t share any vertices. In object mode I cannot use the Mesh :arrow_forward: Separate :arrow_forward: By Loose Parts action. I can only use it in edit mode, whether I have something selected or not. So I thought it the command would behave differently when I have different parts of the mesh selected, but it does not, it just makes one more not-need step to go to separate the mesh by loose parts.

Make the Mesh :arrow_forward: Separate :arrow_forward: By Loose Parts command work in object and edit mode.
Even better, make it selection sensitive, selecting only specific loose parts in a mesh, only separate those.

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This is just an oversight/bug, I guess… The feature exists in object mode, it’s just not in the menus, apparently…

But if you activate the search command (F3) and search for it, you’ll find it, and you can use it…

It needs to be available in the menus, yeah…

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Or just add new entry to the
Keymap - 3D View - Object Mode - Object Mode (Global) - +Add New
type mesh.separate and change key to P

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better than nothing, but not ideal