Weekly Reports 2024 - New structure

this is important information for everyone writing a weekly report (Blender employees and development fund grant recipients).

Starting now (for 2024), reports have to be written and commited to your git user profile with a predefined structure and headings that may not be altered.

  1. Create a .profile repository in your user profile. This is a Gitea convention and can also be used for a nice landing page (by adding a README.md to the repository)
    * Go to https://projects.blender.org/
    * Click on your avatar at top-right, select "Profile"
    * Click the "+" at top-right and select "New Repository"
    * Enter ".profile" as Repository Name, click "Create Repository"
  1. Grab the 2024_template.md file from my repository and commit it to .profile/reports/2024.md
    It’s easiest to checkout your .profile repository and add the file/folder just as usual with git add / git commit and then pushing it.

  2. Uncomment the titles as you go and add what you worked on as usual.

Let me know if there are questions.



For your convinience, these links should work if you have done all correct. As you can see, the address is always the same (except the username and the anchor).

This means that for 2024, I can add your weekly reports to the weekly notes, you do not have to add the link yourself anymore. Just make sure you follow the template and the title/anchor names are never changed!

Weekly Reports


For referencing issues and commits, the following Gitea/GitHub markdown syntax can be used:

blender/blender@a1b2c3 for commits
blender/blender#123 for issues
blender/blender!123 for pull requests

I guess the ./tools/triage/weekly_report.py script can be updated for this. Maybe next week once the last weekly reports from 2023 are done?


I tried using those 3 short-hand forms but only the commit syntax ended up as an link. You can see over at: .profile/2023.md at main - .profile - Blender Projects

Fix incoming:

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The weekly report script is updated to work for Gitea Markdown and the given format: blender/weekly_report.py at main - blender - Blender Projects

The weekly report script uses these now. I have to say I do find them quite verbose though, adding a lot of visual noise to reports. I’d prefer if they just showed the commit/PR/issue number. I guess there’s no simple Gitea option to enable this?

There indeed is no Gitea option for that.