Websites down

Going to blog redirects me to the main, pages 2, 3, etc. and the blogs themselves work fine. works fine here, can you post a screenshot what’s wrong for you please?

I can’t confirm neither, but I tried to reach the chat-pages (e.g., but browser tells me i can’t.


Same here. is fine but is down.


I have the same, it appears to be some kind of local caching issue. When I go to in an incognito window, it loads fine.

Ye, similar issue here.

When using I get this:

While when using just, I get this:

Decided to clear my browser cache after hearing that and it opens now. Wonder what even caused it.

The Chat is again down for me, any clue? @fsiddi @pablovazquez

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The chat has been fixed. Not sure why this is happening, will investigate further.

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Sad chat noises again :-/ Seems to happen at roughly the same time each day at ~1am to 2am CET?


Since I’ve recently acquired access, I have also noticed that the site appears to go out around 1am as well. Currently I am just restarting it, but hopefully at some point one of us will get a chance to track down what part of the setup is messing up, as the initial skimming of logs from the docker didn’t yield anything of interest.

TL;DR: bare with us :slight_smile:

Perhaps eset doesn’t (didn’t) like some of the JavaScript stuff that Cloudflare was doing with the site, I don’t know. There indeed should not be anything of concern being sent from the Cloudflare caches though!