Website links


There are several sub websites in use like extensions, devtalk’, community, …
For a new blender user, it’s not easy to find those on the main blender website
The extensions site is not really linked to from the main page. Many people don’t even know it exists.
Same for rightclickselect

That’s why I want to propose a simple square box with links on directly below the navigation links on top (it’s the first thing you see when going to the blender main page) like this:

What do you want to do?

Download: link to download page
Install Extension/theme: link to extensions page
Report bug: link to correct page
Request feature: link to correct page (rightclickselect)
Contribute: link to correct page
Fund: link to fund page

(Maybe more links I forgot can be added)

I see people everywhere request features because they don’t know there is a website for.
Example: Blender 4.2 LTS Beta — Developer Blog
You see Pablo needs to show the rightclickselect website

So this clear link ‘box’ on tthe main page will make it easy to know where to go.


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