VSE proxy improvement

I am writing patch that would enable all types of sequences to use proxies.

I have some questions, that are not strictly VSE related:

I want my process to be “thread safe”:
I need to update scene animation data frame by frame for each sequence. If I am processing multiple sequences, this would probably cause some erratic behavior.
Is it possible to clone scene in memory, and render that instead of “main” scene?

I need to create context for FFmpeg writer:
Basically I have ibuf as frame and I want them to be stored as a MJPEG / PNG AVI file.
Is there some easy way or do I have to specify each parameter of codec, pixel format and output stream?

And last question would be:
Multiple blend files / scenes can contain sequence with the same name, but different content.
It seems reasonable to me to identify them by random ID as a part of filename.
This ID would have to be stored in .blend file, but this would require change in DNA.
Are changes in DNA considered to be a last resort? Because of compatibility issues or so.


Just an update, that I have FFmpeg part sorted out, so my question is outdated.

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I would just like to mention that there is a new FB group concerning the VSE, if you’re interested? Or if you need people to test your commits, maybe you can share a build there?

It is called: Video Editing in Blender Sequencer

Hi, thanks for notifying,

It would be nice to have access to larger userbase on one place.

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