VSE Improved handle tweaking

This is a new feature, that implements minor improvements on how user interacts with strips and their handles. On the surface it is just using cursor icon to highlight what is being selected and ability to select adjoined handles with single click.

For testing, you can check out patch builds, but the feature should land in main branch soon.

I am mainly looking for feedback on how this feature works with your workflows, but happy to hear other suggestions or criticism as well.

@iss I just downloaded the finished build(19.46), but I don’t see the mouse cursor changes. Could you check the build?

I have built the patch with centered cursor locally, it did feel a bit off. I can update the patch though, so you can try it out.

Perhaps it would be better to make new branch the behavior can be compared and it is clear what code should be reviewed.

I don’t see the mouse cursor change to the handle cursor(s). Please, check if the changes you want users to test are included in that build. And maybe writ very clearly what has changed here.

Also, when using the arrow cursor clicking on the left strip handle the right strip handle gets selected:

Aah I see… I guess I need to maintain the versioning code at least after merging main. Will update patch and rebuild. But you can enable this feature in preferences manually.

Where in the Preferences is that feature located?

hello i tested the Linux build.
My feedback:

  • when the strip are not too small it works:



  • when i reduce the size of the strip to few frames i cannot select handles anymore even if i zoom in:


It is in Editing > Sequencer

I see the Handle option in the Overlay settings, but there is still no handle mouse cursor. The handles are still uneven drawn(I’ll refrain from repeating all of my previous notes). Here both handles are selected, but you can only see the handle of the active strip:

The handle cursor shows outside of the handle area? I guess it should be showing when it’s inside the handle area? Imho, the dual handle cursor needs a much smaller range, so there is room for the handle cursor to be activated only, when it is in the handle area.

after playing a bit more with the new system i feel less productive :

  • i am used to quickly select the handles with precision using the cursor, and i use the top left position of the pointer to select. but with the new handles, the cursor changes right in the moment i am ready to select and i feel less precise even if enable the handles visibility ( now handles are also smaller)

I appreciated that we can disable the preference.
i hope we can keep the preference option in the final build.

Also i would revert the handle size to the old bigger size.

I think that, in the case, the new handles work better without the handle visibility.
While if someone like me prefer the “old” selection pointer with handles visibility can continue to work with bigger handles like before.

@Andrea_Monzini Thanks for checking the build. I also think, that this change has some downsides. Will change handle size to larger when this feature is disabled.

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Thank you. i think it’s a good solution.

Isn’t the handle cursor still jumping when moving over adjoined handles? (The single handle mouse cursor should be placed exactly where it is located when there is a dual handle mouse cursor, and the click point should not move either)

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Thanks for introducing this new feature! It sounds like a useful enhancement for streamlining interaction with strip and handle.

Thanks, managed to reproduce and fixed.

Could be related to bug mentioned above.

Even in previous blender versions the clickable area was bigger that the handle. Now handles are mostly cosmetic, but the clickable area should be about the same.
As for area where both handles are selected - it is exactly 1/3 of clickable area of both hadles combined. Perhaps it could be smaller, I am not sure. In general, I would agree, that normal handle selection is more important.

Yes I need to make separate build for this.

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Build where cursor is centered is available at Blender Builds - blender.org

@iss This is the build you link to:

Is this the intended behavior?