Voxel mode for Remesh modifier should not be the default


I usually work on architectural models and I often import mesh made in other software, which means I need to keep an eye on units in order to achive consistency in the scale of objects. Most of the time I find myself using the Metric Unit System with 1 m = 1 unit.

Since the introduction of the new Voxel remesh option in the Remesh modifier, this has been the default mode. But as it works on the global measures, adding the modifier to a large object can be quite demanding.

Picture this scenario:

I’m working on a building, I have a terrain that I need to quickly remesh with the modifier. Currently I am forced to use a dummy object to set the modifier and then link it, because remeshing a terrain of this size with 0,1m Voxel will probably cause my machine to freeze.

2020-12-12 01_41_20-Window


Switch back to one of those modes that use Octree Depth (which is relative to the size of the object).
I suggest Smooth, that gives always predictable results.

I’ve also brought up the issue on Phabricator: https://developer.blender.org/D7292


Or perhaps the voxel could get an option to set the voxel size relative to the object size?

I’ve had blender freeze in me multiple times when I enabled the remesh modifier on a scaled down object of which I forgot to apply the scale transform.

Or alternatively, build in a warning if the projected voxel count is going to be huge (although not sure that can be determined before running it)?

The voxel remesher has been an amazing addition to my workflow, but it’s quite easy to mess up and freeze or crash blender with it :slight_smile:

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Or perhaps the voxel could get an option to set the voxel size relative to the object size?

That could be an option, but a new alogorithm for the Voxel remesh should be made.

We can think about it, but for the moment I think we should adjust the default mode asap because it can lead to issue. I’m even considering doing that myself that I’m not a coder… how hard could it be?!? (famous last word) :sweat_smile: